On Demand:
Lessons Learned and the Customer POV

During part one of this series, our experts will be digging into the key lessons learned from SEWP Contracts over the years and how these insights can help you get prepared. Join us to learn:

    • The role partnerships played in a winning advantage
    • Effective marketing strategies applied by contract awardees
    • Customer POV: SEWP Program Management Office
    • Past contract intelligence 
    • Scorecard trends

On Demand:
SEWP VI Strategy: What You Need to be Doing Now

The proposal process is a months-long effort which will take a significant investment in money and resources. Waiting until the RFP drops to start your proposal planning and preparation process will leave you far behind your competitors.  During part-two of this series, our experts will be sharing what you need to be doing now to ensure you are ready to rock once that RFP drops. Join us to learn:
    • Customer POV: Key Industry Day Questions, What They Tell Us and How You Can Use the Information to Prep
    • Key Takeaways from the Request for Information (RFI)
    • Why Brand Awareness and Partner Marketing Should Be Part of your NOW Strategy